What We Purchase

We do purchasing of all goods and services needed for our company – simply put, we purchase everything from steel through to toilet paper, which all are the commodities necessary for the operation of our company.

So what do we actually purchase?


The key base material is spring steel of circular and flat section. Its 100% quality has an immediate impact on the selection of a supplier that is of course required to provide competitive pricing comparable to the world price level.



Components, dyes and cooperation with third parties are an integral part of our products, so here as well the 100% quality has a direct impact on the quality of our final products. Thus also here quality is our highest priority, however in this segment we do realize there is an opportunity to make selections from a very broad range of potential suppliers and that is why our priority is to make use of hard competition between the suppliers in order to get the best possible pricing while observing the necessary quality.



We also purchase auxiliary material that is necessary for both production and the operation of the entire company.

This is the list of what kind of goods we purchase:

- electric material,
- implements and tools,
- personal protection equipment,
- office supplies, etc.