How We Purchase

Our objective is to keep on purchasing more cheaply and with better quality although our suppliers claim that they cannot deliver cheaply and better any more ...

Purchasing is quite often evaluated only in financial terms so the success of purchasing could be seen mainly as a matter of price. Also for us the price is an important measure, however not the only one.

When procuring all necessary inputs for our production we make use of all present purchasing possibilities. We see our suppliers comprehensively, not only as the suppliers of the cheapest, one-off orders but as a peer partner for seeking the best solutions.
All of our suppliers of raw materials, materials and services for our manufacturing are certified according to the ISO standards and at the same time they fully associate themselves with our QMS_020608 quality manual supplier.

Our suppliers provide a 100% guarantee of raw materials, materials and services deliveries and bear full responsibility for any deviations.

Our activity does not terminate with the supplier selection; in the course of subsequent cooperation we keep on looking for more efficient and higher quality purchasing opportunities with our current and potential partners.

We give all our suppliers the same opportunity to offer their goods and services. We base our decisions only on objective criteria such as quality, price and delivery terms. The priority for us is a personal negotiation. We believe that personal contact is the best way forward in business negotiations. We are open to holding meetings in our premises, however we will be glad to come to see you as well.

In purchasing all commodities we also make use of modern information technology – electronic auctions.