HŽP a.s. is a manufacturer of hot-wrought parabolic leaf springs. Springs are heat-treated and further processed in such a way that an optimum ratio of material strength and tenacity is reached, ensuring high operational stability of size. The most modern technology of surface treatment is employed in production to ensure a high fatigue life. The technology of hot treatment enables us to produce and deliver springs in a wide variety of dimensions, accuracies and types of design. Available production equipment provides the spring user with a significant degree of shape design choice, especially spring fixing elements.


Dimension range of produced trapezial springs
h (A–A) [mm] 15–50
b (A–A, B–B) [mm] 50–120
h (B–B) [mm] 7–50
L0 (developed leaf length) [mm] to 2200
H [mm] to 400
D [mm] 15–80


Parameter range of trapezial leaf springs
Standard material

15 260, 51CrV4, 52CrMoV4

Max. test load
500 kN
Surface protection Painting by spraying
Powder varnish