CEO and Chairman of the Board

Petr Vaněk
Tel: 00420 582 312 579

Motto: "I always try to judge people according to what positive things they really did rather than how many arguments they have thought up as to why not to do something."

Finance Director and Vice-chairman of the Board

Radek Páleník
Tel: 00420 582 312 745

Motto: „The future of our company is based on continuous improvement."

Technical Director and Member of the Board

Tomáš Grulich
Tel: 00420 582 312 438

Motto: „Nothing compares to understanding the things you do."

Commercial Director

Aleš Vychron
Tel: 00420 582 312 783

Motto: „"


Head of HR Department

Alice Spáčilová
Tel: 00420 582 312 782

Motto: „"


Manufacturing Director

Radek Knoll
Tel: 00420 582 312 389

Motto: „If you are not ready today, you will be even less so tomorrow." This is true in current turbulent times in particular.

Quality Management and EMS Director

Jan Chudoba
Tel: 00420 582 312 678

Motto: "The quality of the product and environment is a standard."